Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Joys of Traveling

I spent basically the whole week in Dallas, TX at a conference and after spending 10 hours a day in meetings and presentations I was ready to come home. It just reminded me of how much energy it takes out of you to go on business trips and stay in hotels. That probably sounds dumb to those that have never done it before, but it really is a draining experience.
But the best part of the week was when I was checking my work email on Friday morning and I got a notice that Raytheon decided to go forward with patenting one of the projects that I've been working on and trade secreting another one. The patent one is a method to create a super resolution version of a video stream and all I can say about the trade secret one is that it's a method to find the right point on a missile in challenging situations. It was just cool to finally see something really cool come of all the time I've spent in a classified lab. But that's probably enough of me patting myself on my back.


Emily Blais said...

so I guess we are doing breakfast on Monday morning when you guys drive through? FUN! Okay, I know I dont have a dumb profile picture, but its because I dont know how to get one? What do I do?

Emily Blais said...

oh my gosh, your house actually looks like a house! How freakin exciting! I cant believe how fast it has gone up. It is going to be done and you guys are going to be in before you even know it.