Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Las Vegas Wax Museum

Me and Honest Abe

The wax Blue Man Group and Dave and I pretending (well I am pretending, Dave just didn't really get the whole pretending thing)

Simon told me that not only would I win American Idol, I would sell more albums than Carrie Underwood. And then he kissed me. (More pretending)

So, I figured I'd marry George Clooney while I was there.
So did Dave.

Well, there it is.....more pics of our trip to Vegas for all you bored bloggers to oogle at.


Dave Johansen said...

Well, there was only 1 set of the mallet thingies in the Blue Man Group setup, but I guess that I could have looked a little more lively.

Erik, Annelise, and Samuel said...

sooo fun! erik and went to the wax museum too. and funny enough, he wasn't very good at pretending, either! your trip seriously looks so fun!

Emily Blais said...

you guys are such losers! haha, ust kidding! It looks like you guys had a good time...I am sad I did not go! After this weekend though, we will have a good post! I am so excited! YAY!

Emily Blais said...

new post new, your house, or disneyland, or your amazing weekend, or whatever....bobble head maybe??

Erik, Annelise, and Samuel said...

yep, im ready for a new post, too jenni!!

Anonymous said...

Dave, sometimes you take it too far. In this picture, that's EXACTLY what happened, my friend.