Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

So my birthday was on Sunday and Jenni made a Jeopardy game that we played with Mark, Cami, and the Burns family (sadly I didn't win). We went a little non-traditional and had pie instead of cake and everybody had a good time. Here's a couple pictures of me trying to blow out the trick candles (it didn't work, but boy did the make a lot of smoke) and I think that Carter liked the pie and ice cream almost as much as I did.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Dave! Too bad you're an old fart now like Bryce. Hope you had a great day!

Dave Johansen said...

Ya, the really sad day will be when I turn 30. That's when I'll really feel like an old fart.

Bryce said...

Dave, the days of Viagra and predicting the weather with our bad knees are right around the corner. . .you can delete this comment if you want because I used the word, "Viagra", which might be offensive to some.