Friday, July 6, 2007

My Ridiculously Loud Voice

I've been told by several people during my life that I have a loud voice and that I do a fairly poor job of controlling the volume level, but it looks like that may not be all that bad.

Plus, I usually kick butt at the game Blurt since I can yell louder than most people.


Jenni Johansen said...

oh my, that article does not convince me! You need to lower your voice! And in the car is the worst......HEADACHE!! But I love you anyway.

Bryce said...

Dave, do you REALLY think you have a louder voice than me? Come on, now. At least, comparable.

Dave Johansen said...

Bryce, you definitely are one of the few people that can rival me or possibly even exceed my voice level. I just remember how pissed Jenni and Christina would get when we'd both be yelling at Madden/Halo/Freedom Fighter. They probably didn't think it was all that funny, but those were definitely good times.