Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Semi-new Template

So I have started cutting my teeth on this whole "web programming" thing and I started by playing around with my template. The whole CSS thing is pretty slick and is a DRAMATIC improvement over the table layout stuff from back in the day. So far the changes that I've made have been minor, but I'm planning on revamping the whole thing and I'm gonna start by getting rid of the stupid fixed width thing.

My rant for the day
I know that a lot of people say that liquid or elastic layouts are "harder" to read, but I really don't see any logic behind that. I mean if it's a non-fixed layout and you don't like how wide the text is then just run at a lower resolution or resize your window. Because then people are free to view it however they feel is best, instead of what you thought was best. I mean isn't that freedom and flexibility the whole point behind CSS?


Brad said...

Yeah, CSS is definitely a step up from the olden days. Of course you also run into compatibility problems between browsers, because they don't all understand the same CSS styles the same way.

Christina said...

Um, the only part of that I understood was "cutting teeth". If you need help on that just talk to Bryce. Hudson has been pretty good at that lately too. Good luck!

Bryce said...

Dave, I think I'm just going to stick with Jenni's blog. It's like trying to read freaking chinese when I get on here. No offense if there are any chinese people reading this post.