Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eureka! -The Quest for "My" Dining Room Table

So, let me just tell you the quick story behind finding this table. I have been looking for a black rectangular table that would seat 6-8 people in this exact finish and in this style. Over the last 6 months or more I have been to nearly EVERY furniture store in Tucson several times always looking to see if anyone has it. The only place I was able to find the table was Pottery Barn. However, as many of you can guess, the price was too steep ($3000 +) So, on I continued in my quest to find this table for a better price. Last week, I walked into Sam Levitz (again) hoping to find a new item in stock that fit my description. While they had something similar, I was disappointed again. As I left Levitz, I saw just next door this TINY little privately owned furniture store called "Shadow Furniture." I hadn't been there yet, so in I went. At the back of their store stood the table I had been drawing a picture of in my mind for all these months; a spitting image of the one in pottery barn and 1/3 the price. The quality impressed me as well; being made of solid oak. It is a HEAVY table with sturdy chairs and a beautiful finish that isn't too rustic and not too shiny. Exactly what I wanted. The table begins as a square and has a butterfly leaf to extend it to a rectangle (as pictured above). It also came with a matching Lazy Susan (whoopdee doo). There are 6 chairs and 1 bench that would seat 2 adults or 3 small nieces/nephews. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the happy ending to my quest as much as I have.


Kristy Burns said...

It looks so good! I really like it. Quite Pottery Barn-like--my favorite style. Just my two sense, I think a rug under it would make the table pop against the dark floors. Maybe a blue one to match your table runner. Good choice on the table! :O)

Emily Blais said...

I have to agree with Kristy. I think it needs a rug for sure! It breaks up the black. It will also help to not scratch up your floor. I know you dont want to cover up the floor, but I think a rug would make it look that much better. It is SO SO SO cute though!

Kristy Burns said...

I know I need to put something up about the move. I need to go take a picture of the house. The few I have are not very good. Maybe a project for me this weekend.