Monday, March 17, 2008

Look Away!

My parents got sick of keeping a bunch of my old stuff in their garage, so they dumped a bunch of it off during their trip down here last Thanksgiving. Part of the several boxes was the old film with most of the pictures from my mission. I went and got it developed onto CD and uploaded them all to Facebook and Picasa Web (I know, I know, I'm a photo nut). But the most interesting pictures from my mission are probably when I had an allergic reaction to what I guess was the sap or pesticides on a mango.

Here's some pictures that I snapped to try and be funny. As you can tell, it progressively got worse and eventually started to swell my eyes shut, which is when my mission president's wife finally started to believe me that it was a big deal and told me to go to a doctor ASAP.

The doctor gave me a HUGE shot of cortizone and had me wash my face with some crazy soap and camomile tea. It went away after a couple days, and I was lucky that I figured out that it was something to do with mangos, because I later found out that it was actually pretty serious. The church doctor for Brazil recomended that I avoid mangos, because if it happened again I would probably have to go home. But the best part is that I got some crazy looking pictures out of it.


Brad said...

Haha, that is freaking hilarious (although I'm sure you didn't think so at the time)!

Jenni Johansen said...

No, I think that the best part is that your face returned to normal.

Christina said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures and brightening my day at the same time! :)

Bryce said...

Dave's face returned to normal?!?