Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Shower for Baby Charlie!

Alright, Alright. I know this post is overdue. Does it help to say I have been diligently doing my thank-you cards in place of promptly doing this post? I guess it's time. I still have a batch of cards to finish, but hey I've got to make my blog friends happy, I guess. I am also recovering from a sudden "gastrointestinal bug" as my doctor put it. I am feeling better and I hope that the last 2 nights I spent puking have come to an end. I was never a daily puker in the beginning -- maybe this is the world's way of getting back at me in a small way. Okay, here is what you are really here for....the pictures right? There are 2 collages - one at the beginning at one at the end -- for those of you who won't read this and will only look at the pictures. :0) It's ok, we are all guilty of that on some days.

My new friend, Michelle Walton in my ward, generously opened her doors for us to have the shower at her huge and beautiful home. She is so nice to let us come in and make a mess. Her cheerful personality made me and the guests all feel so welcome. Thanks so much, Michelle!

Let me just say that the shower far exceeded any expectation I had. I was overwhelmed by the details. Please take note of the napkins that were all hand stamped with brown baby feet, (Baby feet was the theme) plus the matching blue and brown M-Ms and forks tied with blue and brown ribbons. Not to mention, the blue baby feet suckers, cookies, and cookie cutters. Do you also remember your invitation had blue baby feet on it? Those were real prints from a brand new baby. All credit for the details and hours of hardwork spent by my loving sister-in-law, Mindy. I was completely overwhelmed, and like a hormonal pregnant girl cried when I saw it all. Mindy also purchased an awesome Nursing Cover (its in the bottom collage). This will be great as I embark into the new world of nursing!

My BFF, Emily Blais, also made the long trip out here bringing darling cookies to share and an overwhelming basket of baby goodies from "the club." My favorite gift, however, was the cute "Charlie" necklace. I will have to take a picture and post it. I wear it almost everyday and it is just so dang cute. She hung out with me after the shower and we had such a great time. It was so nice to have her here. Poor Krizia got deathly sick, and is rain-checking her trip until after the baby is born - I look forward to seeing her then.

My friend from high school, Brianna and her Mom also drove here from Phoenix and it was so nice to have a childhood friend there. We have been friends since who knows when....1st grade?? She got me some needed essentials as well - my favorite of course was the nursing pads. They are like maxi-pads for your boobs. Amazing. What will they think of next? Her Mom also made a beautiful baby blanket which is SO soft!

My friend Erica, planned great games/activities. We decorated onesies with puffy paint. Some of my favorites inlclude " I AM NOT A GIRL," and "DADDY ENGINEERED ME." The group gift was a much needed carseat (also pictured below).

My Grandma, Aunt Kris, and other sister-in-law Kristy, also made the long trip from California for this event. I was very touched that they took the time out of their busy lives to fly all the way here. It was nice to be surrounded by family as I prepare for this huge change in my life. I felt very supported and loved and that was so nice. Kristy bought the cutest little outfit from Quiksilver (one he will sure look like his Uncle Kenny in) plus a nice gift card to Target. Kris generously gave us the Fisher-Price cradle swing and her homemade specialty - darling cloth diapers with cute ribbons. My Grandma and my Mom went all out and purchased all of the crib bedding and decor (to come in a future post). My Mom also made a beautiful blanket (I picked out the fabric) for baby Charlie. The heirloom cradle that my Grandfather, down to me, has slept in is also here in my house now awaiting its newest family member to sleep in it.

Dave's Mom (Diana) and sister (Danielle) also flew out from California with an entire SUITCASE full of goodies. TONS of cute clothes and blankets. Dave's favorite was the blanket his mom re-finished from when he was a kid. The washer/dryer had taken quite a toll on it, but she was able to keep it mostly in tact and just add some more basting (is that what its called?) and new back piece. All of this in addition to the beautiful crib and changing table she had already purchased for us. (Also to be pictured in a future post).

My 4th grade posse also generously gave several gifts. A beautiful basket of lotions and baby wash, a target gift card, laundry items, diapers, and the most overwhelming of all -- the stroller!! I couldn't believe it. They are so nice to me, and I was touched by their generosity and kindness. Thanks to Jim, Michele, Nancy, JoAnne, Melissa, Veronica, and Tera.

All in all, I have EVERYTHING I need for this baby. I guess this means I am "prepared," because I have all the stuff. We'll see if I can keep up with all of these wonderful gifts. There are so many other wonderful friends who contributed, and Dave and I are very grateful. We cannot believe how much we have been blessed. We truly have the greatest friends in the world.


Emily Blais said...

FINALLY! Its about stinkin time! K, you are the cutest thing ever. I want to look just like you when I am pregnant. First, I guess I should get pregnant though. Your shower was so dang fun! I need to come back down and we need to have a "club day." You know, lunch and shopping. I need that!!! alright, well, I will call you later :) Love the picts, thanks for finally posting them!!

Street Fam said...

Wow!! What an awesome shower! Looks like you're set. Now just sleep as much as you possibly can! :)

Mindy B said...

It was a LOVELY shower, and I'm crying just reading your beautiful, heartfelt post. Is this a new, tender-hearted, emotional side of Jenni I never knew? I love it!!! Kids will do that to you (now you may understand why I've cried while playing boardgames- well, maybe not!) You do have everything you need, and you have a beautiful nursery that I am insanely jealous of, but the most important "item" you have for this baby is you and Dave and your sweet love! I can't wait to be an auntie and help you out whenever you need it (you will need it, don't be an overachiever :) I loved being a part of this great day and it's only fair payback for the beautiful showers you've thrown me- but you'll never have to do that for me again. :) I love you Jenni and can't wait to meet "Cha-lie".

beans said...

first of all, you're looking great! Take care girl! I'm sorry, I am guilty, I only looked at the pictures...but I love you!