Saturday, May 31, 2008

Charlie meets the family

So Jenni already posted about this, but I just wanted to put the links to the pictures up for those that were interested. All of my family and all of Jenni's family were in town, so the little guy got to meet the whole lot of the Johansen and Burns family in one action packed weeked. We went minuature golfing and from what I remember, Devin won overall, and I came in next to last place (right in front of Jenni, so I guess lack of sleep isn't good for your short game), but the best part was seeing Kenny lose to Kristy (something that Kristy enjoyed thoroughly). I also saw Iron Man (which wasn't amazing, but was definitely enjoyable) and Indiana Jones (which was actually even worse than I expected).

Anyway, if you're interested you can check out the pictures on Facebook (first, second) or the Picasa Web Album.


Kristy Burns said...

My favorite part after meeting Charlie was beating Kenny in mini golf. I'm so glad it was documented.

Dave Johansen said...

It was definitely a classic moment and the pictures of Kenny's face are priceless.