Friday, May 9, 2008

Charlie's Nursery

So, I was planning on posting pictures of Charlie's nursery before he was born. However, Mr. Charlie's arrival was much sooner than I had planned! Anyway, here are pics of his nursery with Charlie napping inside his crib within his boppy and lots of blankys.

Dave selected the Sports theme and I ordered the stickers for his wall from my on the side party company - Uppercase Living.
Deomstrator ID: 997158
Registration Token: JOHANSEN

I got the bedding from Babies R Us and the Furniture from Target. The rocking chair was a generous gift from Dave's boss.

Dave did all of the work of putting together the furniture and also putting up the wallpaper strip. He did a great job! Way to go Dad!!! Welcome Charlie!



His room is adorable! Good job! Your little man is too cute too! So much fun being a mommy! Hope you recovered well.


Annelise said...

ADORABLE! that room looks amazing. i LOVE the UL stuff! ive totally eyed the "noise with dirt on it" for when we finish sams new room! sooooo fun!!

Margaret and Murray Pratt said...

What a great nursery! It is straight out of a catalog! I love it! I need to order some lettering from you too!