Sunday, July 27, 2008

Loving Mommy Life

Hello everyone. I hope you aren't bored of Charlie yet, because we just are picture taking fools around here these days. Dave loves to take videos of the little guy. He posts them on his blog if you have the time and desire to watch. I realize that only Dave and I are fascinated by his every movement, but we like to believe our child is a baby genius and are out to prove it to the blog world. We have begun reading to him everyday and I am teaching him to count to ten on his abbicus (sp?). He tends to drool on everything which I take to mean he's so intent on what he's learning that he forgets to close his mouth. Don't you agree?

Here's our little peanut, just peanut-ing around - if you know what I mean. I know you are only here for the pictures -so enjoy!

Don't tell me that's not cute!! Thanks Aunt Judy for the cute outfit and matching baseball hat.

Playing with Dad!! He loves to Smile!


Dave Johansen said...

I like the post, and I must agree that we are picture taking fools and I do love me some video, but I think that the backwards hat picture is a classic.

Also, just to back up the claim that I'm a picture nut, here's the rest of those pictures (Facebook, PWA)

Anonymous said...

Dave, he does look like you

Dave Johansen said...

We'll have to post some of Jenni's baby pictures because now that he's grown out of the newborn phase, he's definitely a Burns baby.

Annelise said...

its all about lots of pictures and enjoying every single moment the way only a parent could! i love the pictures, such a cutie pie!!

Michelle Marie Walton said...

Cute Picture!

breena rae said...

don't worry we're all picture taking fools..sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to keep us with the rest of my future kids.
charlie is way cute.