Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sac Town

So Jenni got sick of me being lazy and already posted about our trip to Sacramento, but I wanted to chime in with links all of the pictures (the plane ride (PWA, Facebook), boating (PWA, Facebook), The Mountain Fortress of Solitude and Fun (PWA, Facebook), everyone dressed up (PWA, Facebook), and rocking out with the old PVille crew (PWA, Facebook)).

I also wanted to post some videos of the "slide of death" that my parents made. So there's actually no death involved, but you do pick up a pretty good clip. I guess I should just show the videos and let you be the judge (we took more videos than any human should be forced to watch, so here's the highlights).

Jenni gives the quick tour of the pool and slide (Facebook)

Cody is the first to jump in (Facebook)

Maybe the running start wasn't the best idea for my first time down the slide (Facebook)

There are a bunch of people in this one, but my bonehead move in the middle is good for a laugh (Facebook)

Cody riding Mike down the slide (Facebook)

It took some peer pressure, but even Jenni went down the slide (Facebook)

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