Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shameless Plug for Uppercase Living

OK - as many of you already know - for about 1 year now I have been a demonstrator for a vinyl designs company called: Uppercase Living. I signed up last year because there were no other demonstrators in Tucson and I was super excited to order things for our new house. I figured I would sign up to get the discount for myself and then just see where it took me.

It was a slow beginning and Dave still reminds me every month that I have yet to earn a profit because I spend all my winnings on my own personal home decor. It more or less funds my habit.

Anyway - I am super non-pressury (as I HATE feeling like I have to buy something). However, I realize that this product is really neat and a lot of people are more interested in it than I thought would be. So, if you are in the market for vinyl lettering or designs please consider Uppercase Living as an option. I am here to answer questions if you'd like. Click here to link to my personal website through Uppercase Living and learn more. At the very least, just go there and click on "Products" to look at the great sample pictures/home decorating ideas.

Demonstrator ID: 997158
Registration Token: JOHANSEN

Lastly - if you are looking for something to make some extra cash on the side consider signing up as a demonstrator yourself! The products are an easy sell as they just sell themselves. It's super easy to sign up. You get $100 of product for yourself that you get to select out of the catalog plus all of the other wonderful extras (welcome signs, sample displays, and supplies). The quarterly quota is really easy to meet. I have never had a problem reaching it, and believe me when I tell you I do not work very hard at this.

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Hoenesclan said...

I love the FAMILY blocks they have on the home page. I really like your photos. What a cute house you have. I especially love your bathroom. Somehow I missed all this vinyl lettering when I was at your house the other night! I have questions for you, but I will just ask you in person.