Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching Up

I've been slacking off a bit from my regular Charlie updates, so here's a post to catch up the last month or so.

Jenni's Mom came out to visit for the weekend. There was obviously some mandatory garage saleing on Saturday morning and we spent a lot of time hanging out and having fun. You can check out the pictures on PWA or Facebook.

Then Charlie decided that he wasn't happy being rolled up like a burrito when he slept, which was fine, but then he figured out how to flip from his back to his front before he could roll from his front to his back. This made for some VERY long nights when Charlie would wake up screaming because he was on his tummy. Fortunately, some intense and focused tummy time sessions have helped remedy the problem to some degree and he only occasionally wakes up screaming. I'm sure the novelty will wear off (especially once we have to chase him around), but it's always funny to leave him in the middle of a blanket and then come back 5-10 minutes later to see him half way across the room. You can check out the pictures on PWA or Facebook.

Then one night, we decided to make churros. The first batch turned out pretty good, but the subsequent batches quickly went down hill (I thought the batter needed more water, but it turns out that it didn't). But we had fun and we got some really cute pictures of Charlie that you can check out on PWA or Facebook.

And finally, we got Charlie his first Halloween Costume. Jenni had found a really cute lion and lobster costume online, but they were both sold out in his size, but he makes a cute bat so we're happy. He has also started to sit up enough so we can put him in the stroller without a car set. He can't last too long, but he likes being able to look around and see what's going on. You can see for yourself on PWA or Facebook. Oh ya, he's also started to get shirts stuck on his head on a fairly regular basis, but I'll refer you to Jenni's blog for that one.

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