Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charlie's HALF Birthday!

That's right folks. We have kept him alive for 6 months now.

We love our little guy so much and wish him a special Happy HALF Birthday. We are so grateful for our son, and the laughter and happiness he has brought into our home. He IS the cutest baby around - and we are sure infatuated with his every expression, movement, and smile (as evidenced by the surplus of pictures on me and Dave's blogs).

Check out his milestones thus far:

I can eat off of a spoon!

I can smile AND hold my head up!

I can sit up with support.

I can hold my toys!

I can roll over.

I can be fed to dinosaurs (and sleep through it).

And a shout out to his Uncle Kenny who is 29 and a HALF today. Charlie's middle namesake.



happy half birthday charlie!

Anonymous said...

Dave, we are going to put that hat on disply in some museum.