Friday, November 7, 2008

Recent Happenings in Action

So in the theme of my last post (a really long post with all of the recent happenings in the Johansen family), here are all of the videos that we've taken over the past several weeks.

Charlie decided that it's time to become mobile and here's a video from the first day that he really started to figure it out. He would roll across the room until he bumped into the wall and then would look at us to move him back to the middle so he could do it again (he was quite impressed with himself). Unfortunately, by the time we got the camera out, he was starting to get wore out, but it was still cute to see the little guy. You can also check it out on Facebook.

Charlie and Payson Lewis had their first play date together. Jenni said that Charlie loves playing with Payson and just watches every little thing he does the whole time he's here. Unfortunately, this is an experience that I miss out on while I'm at work, but here's the little glimpse into the moment that we can all see. You can all check it out on Facebook.

We have also started the nightly tradition of feeding Charlie solids and that means that we had to get the little guy a high chair. He actually picked it up pretty quickly and has become a good little eater. This is a video of the first time that I fed the little in the high chair. You can also check it out on Facebook.

One day when we were hanging out, Charlie decided that it would be fun to start panting (or at least that's what we assume, because he just started doing it and laughing afterwards and then he's never done it since). Here's the video, and you can also check it out on Facebook.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon, we went to the park with Brian, Mindy, and Co. All of the Burns grandkids were in the swing at the same time, and it was nice to enjoy the wonderful weather now that the Arizona summer heat has worn off. You can also check it out on Facebook.

Obviously, on that same day, Charlie got to try out a swing for the first time, and he enjoyed it a lot more than I expected him to. I thought that he'd start squirming and that we'd have to pull him out, but he actually enjoyed the experience quite a bit. You can also check it out on Facebook.

The final video is us singing Happy Birthday to Charlie when Mindy and crew made him a cute puppy dog cake for his Half Birthday. Of course he had no idea what was going on, but he still enjoyed the cake. You can also check it out on Facebook.

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Laurel said...

Lots of news! I'm so glad you posted all of this! I need to catch up on my blog....