Friday, December 26, 2008

So he really just wanted paper.....

We spent the first few days in L.A. visiting my family and we have arrived safely in Sacramento to visit Dave's family until next Saturday. Charlie got many many cute gifts - clothes, toys, books, etc! We sure are lucky to have such great family who love Charlie so much.Dave's Mom gave me my favorite gift for Charlie - a handmade "Church bag" full of quiet books and games that she created. I'll have to post some pictures of it because it was an amazing amount of work. Charlie should never make a peep in church with this new bag of tricks!

But, as expected he just loved the paper.

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Krizia Kirchhausen said...

lol.. i love that kid and i still haven't met him! i need to.. we need to have a club reunion.. but not until i have a little boy! all of you guys have kids now.. it's not fair. i want one! miss you guys! hope you guys are having fun and having a happy new year!