Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Mindy already posted about their version of the story, but I just wanted to add our 2 cents.

My family had been out during the last two Thanksgivings, so we were really glad to have all of Jenni's family out this year. We were also "lucky" enough to be the hosts. It actually went really well, because Mindy, Kristy, and Lynn threw in a helping hand, and the clean up wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected.

And of course, the guys all got up and went and played in the Turkey Bowl with the other members of our ward. I'm not sure how it happened, but Kenny ended up on the other team (he didn't mind too much in the end because his team won), but if there was a highlight reel from the game then I think that the TD pass that Brian threw to me on a crossing route would have made it.

Charlie also enjoyed seeing all of his family and took special interest in Kenny and enjoyed sitting and watching football with him.

We also got babysitters for the kidlets and went to the Cirq du Soleil show Saltimbanco. Overall, it wasn't quite as cool as the other one that Jenni and I had seen before (I think that it was Mystere), but there was this trapese thing with two women that was just crazy intense. You could hear the entire audience hold their breath and gasp throughout the performance. I think that that one act alone made it worth going and it was fun to hang out with everyone.

You can also check out all of the Thanksgiving pictures on the PWA or Facebook, and the pictures from the Saltimbanco show can also be seen on the PWA or Facebook.

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