Friday, June 26, 2009

Charlie's 1 year old Dictionary

Definitions are subject to change without notice.

dada = any car that drives by

mama = give me what i want

mom = me

kakar = cracker/food/drink/something to eat (this used to mean just crackers, but has since generalized to anything edible)

gokie = cookie/treat/chocolate

ow = cell phone/open the cell phone

ba = ball

On Thursday we were at the store and he kept dropping my keys (that he insisted on playing with)....everytime they dropped I would say "uh oh." Well this turned into quite a fun game where he would purposely drop them look at me, raise his eyebrows and wait for me to say it.

He also has started "biting" me (more like just an open mouth on my arm) - not hard but he thinks it's funny and everytime I say "OW!!!" Now, he bites me and then says "OW" and laughs. I know, hilarious right? We are working on the word NO - hopefully it will sink in soon.


Dave Johansen said...

I have no idea why, but sometimes when I'm laying down he will come up and "bite" my nose and laugh like crazy. I don't know why he thinks it's so funny, but he loves it.

PatrickandErica said...

Payson never bit, but he's now into hitting! He's started to get the idea of ouchy & sorry...
Good luck with "no" -but know that once Charlie gets it, he'll use it on you!

Carlson said...

cute jenny!