Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fruits of Our Labors

So my flight ended up being delayed and I decided to take advantage of my spare time and the free wifi that they have here by making a blog post. We actually took some really funny pictures of Charlie before Jenni took off to LA, but they're on the camera still and she has it, so that will have to be for a later post.

On a semi-related note, Charlie slept in his bed for the first time on Sunday night. I guess the floor either got too hard or he finally realized that his bed can be slept in, but who knows.

So finally on to the real topic of this post, our backyard. Jenni and I's track record of caring for plants has been rocky at best (as evidenced by the dead kumquat tree in the picture). Most of the plants we've tried to raise have died within the first few weeks, so thankfully our skills with caring for people seems to be going a little better and Charlie is still hanging in there. But our first two success stories have finally come to fruition (pun slightly intended). The first I mentioned previously and the collage shows off some of the watermelons that are growing in our backyard. There were 6 that had popped up, but 1 was eaten by something, another ruptured (I'm guessing from the heat because it was sitting on a brick), and the little tiny one from the collage seems to have vanished. But we currently have 3 good sized watermelons and we're very glad to have finally been able to grow something.

The other accomplishment in regards to our green thumbs is the grass in our backyard. I previously mentioned that my brother, Cody, and my Dad were HUGE helps in getting it all done, and now we have a nice little grass spot that Charlie loves running around on (ok, he actually enjoys playing with the rocks more, but we'll just focus on the grass part) and Jenni and I have taken the chance to lay on once or twice. It's a bit annoying to have to mow it every week, but it's well worth the effort and we still owe Cody and Dad a lot of thanks for the help.

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