Monday, August 3, 2009

Roughin' It

We've been talking about going camping since the first summer we got married, but rain and laziness had always prevented us from doing it. This weekend we actually made it on a camping trip and we were a little worried that Charlie wouldn't do well with sleeping in a tent, but it turned out well and we had a LOT of fun.
Charlie loved running around and getting dirty, and we had fun going hiking (well, other than when I accidentally ran Charlie's face into a branch) and playing a new game that the Hoeneses introduced us to, Kubb (ok, I had a lot of fun playing Kubb and Jenni would jump in every now and then).
Hopefully, we'll make this a more regular tradition and I imagine that the future trips will be even more fun. I'm also crossing my fingers that on future trips we'll have to spend less time chasing Charlie around to keep him from poking babies in the face but I'm not holding my breath.
You can check out all the pictures on Facebook or PWA.

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Lynn said...

Boy Charlie looks like he had a blast. He is so blessed to have parents that take him on fun outings.