Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little Time Off

Last month we went out to LA for Jenni's cousin Cierra's wedding. We decided to make a little trip out of  it and spend a few extra days there.

We spent the afternoon that I flew in, hanging out at Jenni's Grandma's place and playing in the pool. Charlie got all decked out and definitely wasn't going to be drowning any time soon. He also loved playing in the Cozy Coupe that they had there and would get so excited to show off his "Drivin!" skills.
The next day we went to Torrance Beach and played in the sand. There was a little playing in the water, but Charlie was deathly afraid of the waves for some reason. He would get all excited to see the water, but whenever the waves would start coming at him he would turn and run. He finally dipped his feet in with a little help and coaxing, but it definitely wasn't his favorite experience.
That was also Cody's birthday, and show we took him out to dinner that night and went to the LA Temple. It was a lot of fun seeing Cody and being able to hang out, but I guess it wasn't cool enough to take a picture of or something.
Pics on Facebook (1, 2) and PWA (1, 2).

Then we went to Cierra's Wedding in San Diego the next morning. Charlie was a trooper, because we lugged him around all day and even though we wore the little guy out, he still was happy as could be and had lots of fun running around the reception and being a cute little kid.
Pics on Facebook and PWA.

Then Jenni and I parted ways with Charlie and went to Lake Arrowhead. Jenni's Aunt and Uncle have a cabin up there and were kind enough to go out of their way to bring their boat up there and let us borrow their boat and cabin for a few days. Kenny and Kristy and Lindsay and Ryan were their to join in the fun and we had a GREAT time. It was nice to take a little break from our little guy, but we were definitely anxious to get back and give him a big hug when we were done.
Pics on Facebook and PWA.

Since we had left the little guy for a few days, we figured we should have a Charlie Day and so we went to Disneyland and did all the little kid rides. Charlie's probably still a little too young to get super excited about the whole experience, but he had lots of fun and we so worn out that he even slept in the tram ride back to the car.
Pics on Facebook and PWA.
We owe a BIG thanks to everyone who helped out and made it all possible. It was a great trip, an unbelievably fun time, and we're already looking forward to doing it all again next year (well, I guess minus the wedding).

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Annelise said...

oh my word i love this little boy! he is so so so cute. and what a big boy he is turning into :)