Monday, January 4, 2010

Grand Canyon/Choo Choo Train!

Dave's Mom and Dad treated the family to a fun train ride to the Grand Canyon on New Years Eve.  Charlie is REALLY into trains right now ('tains').  He says "choo choo" and tuts his fist up and down just like a real conductor.  He LOVED actually seeing the trains up close when we arrived and riding on them was the highlight of his day.  (Not that the Grand Canyon isn't "grand" - but to a 1 year old not so much....).  During the 2 hour ride each way, cowboys would come through and sing western songs.  Charlie would bust out his killer dance moves and impress all of the peeps around him.  Some of his best moves, have  been coined "milk the cow," "shake it like a polaroid picture," and "scary face."  He is a fun kid with a fun personality.  Devin and Nicole bought Charlie a cute little toy train to play with  - and he still takes it everywhere he goes.
The Grand Canyon.  So it's really beautiful.  I had no idea how it felt to look 18 miles away.  (Apparently you can only look 7 miles normally due to the natural curve of the earth).  It's funny because the other side looks lower than the side we were on (South Rim).  In reality, the other side is something like 1000 feet higher, but due to the curve of the earth appears lower.  Anyway - other than that it is just a big ditch. :0)  It was very cold and snowy there that day. Not exactly how I pictured the Grand Canyon, but I guess it does snow there.  I don't know why that slipped my mind.  Charlie enjoyed playing with Grandpa and Grandma and being dragged in the snow.  We enjoyed the view.  I had never been on a train before, nor seen the Grand Canyon - so I was also grateful for both experiences. 

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