Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update from Charlie...

Hi there! Charlie here...I figured it was about time I made a post on the family blog.  In case you  haven't heard, apparently a new little baby is coming to stay at our house soon.  AND, apparently - this baby is a girl.  So, obviously, I dragged  my Mom to the mall to get a few girl essentials last week.  I picked out these onesies and that sweater you see in the picture.  I am very practical.  Onesies, sweaters....stuff she will really need.  Mom- on the other hand picked out 2 fluffly dreseses that I just don't see a purpose for at all.  Oh well, I am only 1 - maybe it will make more sense one day.

So, I know everyone is wondering - - -rest assured, that I am excited to be a BIG brother.  I've been known to kiss her ultrasound pictures and I even say "sister" sometimes.

OK, enough about that.  Here are some new things I have been doing lately.  I am learning to count to 10.  Sometimes, Mom will just hear me say "7,8,9,10" randomly while playing with my toys or driving in the car.  She wonders where I learned that and why I am saying it.  My answer: I pick up on everything around me and it's because I'm just practicing for Kindergarten one day, duh Mom.  

Also, last week Mom told me to "suck it in" while she was zipping up my jeans.  (I guess I really am a size 24/2T now).  Anyway, when my Mom was buckling me in the carseat yesterday I exclaimed "uck it in!"  Boy, you should have seen the look on Mom's face.  Huh-larious.   I was laughing so hard.  I think I am really funny.

I say "love you!" everynight to my Mom and I love when she wraps me up like "mummy."  Sometimes, I have to remind her about that, so I just say "mummy" over and again until she does it.

My manners are pretty good.  Sometimes Mom has to remind me to use my nice words - but I generally say please and thank-you on my own.  Oh, and everyday when Daddy is on his way home - I stand by the front window and say over and again: "Daddy, are you?" until he pulls up.  When he walks in I yell, "Daddy's home!!!" and then I steal his keys, wallet, and cell phone for their daily inspection.  My favorite days are when Daddy brings See's Candy home for Mommy and lets me give it to her.  OK, Mom made me say that - but I must admit I love the candy too.

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Kim said...

You should try the dark chocolate raspberry butter cream chocolates from sees. They are divine!