Friday, March 5, 2010

"I suck"

So this post actually isn't about what the title may have led you to believe, but is about the funny things that Charlie has been saying lately. The first one is "I suck". It usually gets an interesting response out of people when he says it, but he's actually trying to say "I'm stuck" or "it's stuck" and just forgot a letter or two. I think it makes it even funnier because he says it with this distressed/slightly sad voice, and it's always good for a chuckle.
The next one is "eye doctor". When you hear him say this, you might think that he's taken up an interest in biology, but he actually is trying to say "helicopter" and it doesn't quite make it out right. He's been interested in cars, trucks, and airplanes for a while, but a few weeks ago he was playing in the backyard and a helicopter flew by. He was very fascinated with it the whole time it was flying by (it was circling the area or something), and now he says things like "eye doctor go?", "fly away", "up there", "in sky", "eye doctor nigh nigh" whenever he's outside.
We've been weening him of his binky during this week and so he's been a LOT more hesitant to go to bed these last few days. His new delay strategy is to say "two minutes" and hold his little fingers up. He's started doing it with anything that he wants to keep doing and delay, and it's always funny to see his little smile when he does it.
He's taken up an interest in climbing up ladders at the park. The one park has a small toddler sized slide/play area, but the one right by us only has this big arching type ladder thing and so he wants to climb up that every time. I make sure to hold him the whole time going up (because it totally freaks me out) and I tell him "be careful" the whole way up. But the funny part is the last time we were there, there were a couple other kids playing there as well and so he would stop half way up to see what they were doing. I would get his attention by saying "focus", and so the next time he went up to the ladder and he said "pocus, be fareful" while pointing at it and then repeated it the whole way up. I'm not sure if he has any idea what either of those things actually mean, but it was still funny to hear him realize that something was going on with the ladder.
I know that this is a bit of a long, boring (pictureless) post and I'm sure there are a million other cute things that he says, but Jenni and I have been talking about how we need to record the little things like this because it's the stuff that we'll forget, if we don't write it down, and sometimes when we wait for a cute video or picture, we end up not writing it down at all (like when Charlie used to grab food off the top of the garbage can and then run and hide in a corner to eat it). But anyway, we sure do love our little Charlie and look forward to hearing all of the other funny things that he comes up with.


Hoenes Family said...

It's okay to have a pictureless post :) Those things he says are priceless. What a cutie.

Krizia Kirchhausen said...

so cute jenni! i can't believe i have never even met charlie. he is getting so big and so freaking cute!