Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday was my 26th Birthday. I had a wonderful day spent in Casa Grande with my BFF Emily.  She reminded me on Monday that we had planned this - I almost forgot and was going to spend the day watching my DVR and buying myself ice cream and maybe going to Costco. :)  This was MUCH better.  We ate lunch at Mimi's Cafe and then shopped around for a few hours. Good thing I had some birthday spending money from my Grandma. AND Good thing I spent all that. AND Good thing Dave also gave me some birthday money. AND also a Good thing he was ok when I told him that he did. :) It was nice to not buy any kid clothes, just clothes for us big girls this time. (OK -I got Charlie a new rash guard from Target - but that hardly counts).

Emily took some pictures of us at the end of the day when we were letting the boys burn off a little energy. We also tried to get their picture together - you can see how that turned out.
She is a mega blogger so I'm already a couple posts down on her page under "Tuesday Tidbits" for April 20th. I am so glad I finally made her Tuesday Tidbits post!!! I feel so honored. And, Em - you can get around to that 100 list another year. Maybe you and Dave should do it together. I'd love to see what you guys come up with. For now, I am happy with my new necklace charm for my Mommy necklace and our fun day together.

You are such a great friend and I always have so much fun when we're together! I really wish we still lived just next door to eachother, but at least we are in drivable distance. Thanks for making my birthday so fun!!

When I got home (nearly 5:30), Dave arrived just minutes after me with my favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins (chocolate) and the cones I like (the kid kind - not the sugar kind). He made a special trip to Target just to get a box of them. He cooked us dinner. We ate BBQ'd ribs and baked potatoes and grilled veges. Super yum! (We had went out to restaurant on Saturday night and left Charlie with Brian & Mindy so we opted to eat in and celebrate with Charlie for the day of. :) It was a nice family birthday. I got 50 birthday comments on fb!!! (yes I counted - I am lame like that). And my phone rang off the hook all day with nice text messages and phone convos from all my family and close friends. Even Gabe called - I was so happy to see his name pop up! Brian and Mindy topped off the night with delivering a chocolate shake to my door from IN-N-OUT! YUM! And I have been eating cookies for breakfast that Kali left for me on my doorstep while I was out yesterday! Also YUM!

Thanks, everyone for a great birthday!!  And for documentation purposes, I am 30 weeks pregnant now! 10 to go!
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Hoenes Family said...

You know what would have been cool? To be 26 weeks pregnant on your 26th birthday! Okay, totally random. I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! Glad you had a delicious cookie filled breakfast :)

Annelise said...

you are TINY! i might have looked like that at 20 weeks. glad you had such a fun bday :)