Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010 Wrap-Up

Our family enjoyed a quiet Easter today at home. It is General Conference weekend, so we didn't have church today. The Easter Bunny came to our house and hid eggs in the backyard filled with jellybeans and chocolates and also left Charlie a nice big Easter basket with all kinds of goodies. His favorite was the Thomas Easter Train (which I am glad about -that thing was seven bucks! for one dang train!). He also loved the candy candy candy.

We even enjoyed some family time dying eggs. At first Charlie wasn't convinced that this was a fun activity (see upper right picture in collage). But, he warmed up to the idea when he figured out that dropping the eggs in the dye made a great splash.

We didn't make a glorious Easter ham and yummy potatoes. Maybe I'll feel up to that next weekend. But, we did enjoy some delish J-Dawgs. Our BYU/Utah peeps know what we are talking about. I think we've found a pretty good sauce recipe. Brian came over and ate with us and I think he enjoyed his J-Dawg too (J-Dawgs opened after he left BYU).

Also accomplished this weekend was the assembling of the baby cradle and another attempt at a toy organization and rotation system via rubbermaid bins. Hopefully this time our system won't fall apart like it did the first time.

We've enjoyed listening to conference talks when Charlie naps or plays quietly. We still have quite a bit to catch up on, but we definitely feel more motivated to make the scriptures a bigger part of our daily lives and a bigger part of our family home evenings.
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Annelise said...

oooh i want to hear about your toy rotation system! im still trying to find a good one that works for us.