Friday, July 23, 2010

Thankful for Grandmas!

Dave and I were very fortunate to have both of our Mom's come visit and help after Jill was born.  They both were a great help with Charlie and Jill, (especially Charlie who gets up at 6am!)  My Mom was here when Jill turned blue that first night and was able to stay here with Charlie while we ran off to the hospital for 2 days.  She also took Charlie to the movies, bought us a ton of groceries, made dinners, and gave Jill her first couple baths.  When Diana came, Charlie got really sick with lots of wheezing and she was a great help with giving him his medicine and breathing treatments.  She also got Charlie to poop on the potty finally!  He has done it every day since!  It was so nice having them both here to help with the kids and around the house and to visit with.  We hope they will come back again soon if we didn't wear them out too much.  Charlie and Jill are very lucky to have such wonderful grandmothers, and we are so grateful!

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Lynn said...

Wow I miss Jillian and Charlie, how sad Charlie really looks sick :(