Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date night and Cars!

I'm on a blog roll!!! Dave and I went on a last minute date Thursday night to see Brian Regan perform - thanks to our last minute babysitters. Highly entertaining and very funny! We had a GREAT time; I always love date night. It's so nice to have a couple hours off every now and then.

Charlie has become particular about his cars and semi's lately. I noticed he left his toys like this before he went down for a nap. I thought it was cute and quite organized looking for his little 2 year old brain. In case you don't know: that's Chick Hicks and McQueen with their drivers: Mack and "Chick Hicks' mack" as Charlie calls it. I don't know the name of Chick Hicks' driver. I'll have to pay better attention next time.

My Mom got him these cars when she was here visiting. Sometimes (well, usually) he has to sleep with atleast 1 car. We have recently moved out of the 'CARS' movie phase - we now watch 'A Bugs Life' every morning. It's a cute one too. I really like the Pixar movies.

On an unrelated note, we actually just got a fish. It's a red Betta with pretty fancy fins. (We paid extra for that.) And when I say we - I mean my Mom. She thought Charlie needed a pet...I told her I just got him a little sister...I guess it's not the same. I think we named the fish "Mack" since it's red like McQueen and his driver - but we usually just call it 'the fish.'
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James & Melony said...

we were at brian regan too! we were in row 3!! down in the pit :) i wish we'd seen you there that would've been fun to meet up :) glad you had a good time!

Mindy Burns said...

LOVE the pics!!! Love the pics of Jilly Bean...and I love her stats.... :)