Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our trip to Sacramento

While I was in LA, I decided to take a vacation from my vacation and head up to Sacramento for about 12 days to visit Dave's Mom and Dad.  We all had a really fun time and Charlie and Jill LOVED all the attention - especially Charlie.  And I sure loved all the extra hands to help out with the kids.

As most people know, Charlie has a thing for trains.  Like a really big OBSESSION for trains.  It seemed like everyday we would search town for another train to ride.  We ended up riding the Folsom train several times.  

Here is Charlie and his Grandpa sitting on the Folsom train:
 Grandma, Grandpa, and their 2 cute grand kids:
 Another day we went to a place called Apple Hill.  Charlie rode the train there too.
 Jill also got the chance to meet her other Great Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.  Here she is with her Great Grandma Townsend.
 Grandpa also lit sparklers with Charlie.  Charlie was nervous at first but loved it by the end!
 Charlie and Jill with Great Grandpa and Grandma Townsend.
 Another highlight was visiting Fairytale Town!  Here's Charlie and Grandma
(and Humpty Dumpty):

All in all we had such a great time visiting.  I enjoyed our stay very much and hope Dave goes out of town more so we can go again!  Or I guess he could come too... ;)

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