Monday, November 22, 2010

And we're back...

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last 3 weeks. To say we've been busy would be an understatement. Since we've returned from our 6 week vacation (in LA for Jenni/Japan and Oregon for Dave) we have certainly remained 'on the go!' Here's what we've been up to.

We had a fun Halloween! Charlie and his friend Payson went Trick-or-Treating together. Charlie was really into it and was so surprised that everyone was giving him candy. After every house he would say. "I got candy, Mommy/Daddy!!" To which we'd ask, "Did you say thank-you?" Then, he'd turn around and run back up to say thank-you. It was pretty cute. He was the cutest Woody around.

The next weekend we enjoyed reconnecting as a family and hanging out. Then, the following weekend Dave's parents came out to visit. We always enjoy having them vist and Charlie and Jill enjoy being spoiled with lots of love and attention and usually a few gifts as well. On the Friday of their visit, we went to Reid Park where we did some mandatory train riding followed by a short stop to smell the roses. It was also perfect weather to sit and feed the ducks.

Before they left on Saturday afternoon, I began feeling a little sick which carried with me all the next day. Dr. Burns tried his best to help me get better that night (controlling my fevers, starting antibiotics, etc) but on Sunday evening it was evident things were not improving and might be getting worse. My high fevers kept spiking, my heart rate was still very high and we couldn't seem to get either under control. Turns out I had quite a rough case of Mastitis which landed me in the hospital for the next 4 nights. Worst experience of my life. OK, I'm exaggerating - but really it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad experience that I hope I never have to deal with again. Mastitis + Crappy Hospital = HORRIBLE!!! Dave's Mom came back out on Thursday and stayed with us through Saturday to help me recover. It was very nice of her to come all the way back here after she had just left the weekend before. THANK-YOU!! She is always very helpful to have around!

Luckily, I am on the mend now and things are going to be fine. Nursing will probably be coming to an end sooner than I had planned, but that is a-ok with me at this point. We were blessed also with great friends who made us meals all week while I was gone. Thank-you so much to everyone who took care of us and those who helped watch Charlie and Jill. This whole thing felt like it came out of nowhere and our friends and family were right there to help us through it all. My Mom and Kenny both sent flowers as well. It was a cheerful addition to a depressing and painful week. Thank-you! It really did lift my spirits when I was at the hospital alone.

I should also say how great Dave was through it all. He took 3 days off while I was at the hospital to take care of the kids so they didn't have to bounce around friends houses. When I came home on Thursday, the laundry was caught up, dishes were done and they toys were put away. He really is one of a kind. Couldn't ask for a better Dad and husband!

We took our family pictures on Saturday. It was hecka windy but we managed to get a few great shots that I can't wait to share on an upcoming post. We sang "Count Your Many Blessings" in church on Sunday and it was just what I needed. After the crappy week in the hospital, I was feeling a little "tempest tossed" if you know what I mean. I really am very blessed and grateful for good friends and family.

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Mindy Burns said...

I know it was a rough week- I'm so glad you're healthy and back home. I know Charlie missed you.