Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 and a half years of Charlie-ness

Charlie is over 2 and a half years old now and is so fun. He has a super bright personality and loves to talk and sing songs. He has learned and grown so much in the past 6 months - it is amazing to see. In the past 6 months his vocabulary has grown immensely. He has so much to say. Some of his funny little phrases lately are:
  • "Mom, I'm just snuggin her" - when he is smothering Jill
  • "Peace Out Yo" - when he says Goodbye (he learned this from our friends the LaBounty's and always says it to Uncle Brian)
  • "Mom, where we goin' today?" He asks me this every morning.
  • To which I usually reply "we're goin' crazy"
  • "Hurry! Before the poop comes out!" He says on his way to the potty.
  • "Now you get a prize, Mommy!" He tells me after I go potty. (A real prize would be getting to go potty without an audience)
  • "Where's Jilly bean?" He asks whenever she is asleep in another room. He always has to know where she is.
  • "I say Boo to him!" He tells me after he has scared Dave
This morning I heard him singing this primary song with his own creative ending: "Once there was a snowman, a snowman, a snowman. Once there was a snowman - a really nice guy"

I often also hear him singing the Casey Jr. song from Dumbo - he has it ALL memorized. His favorite part to sing is "Every time his funny little whistle sounds -toot toot - everyone hurries to the circus grounds. Time for lemonade and cracker jack, casey jr's back, casey jr's back."
These are some of the pictures from our family photo shoot last month by our friend, Jessica Brunette. Since Charlie loves trains so much, we thought the train tracks by our house would be a fun setting.
Charlie has also started riding a bike in the past month too (with training wheels of course). He got his first start on his cousin Wyatt's bike and so Santa (Grandma Lynn) brought him his own this year. Pictures of that to come later.
The past 6 months have also been full of potty training. We have had lots of ups and downs but overall Charlie has done very well and I'd say he's pretty much mastered it! He naps half the time with a pull-up on and half the time without, and he still wears a diaper to bed. But other than that - he's all underwear! It's cute to see these little undies come out of the washer each week. When it comes to underwear, we have Cars, Thomas, Toy Story, but he always goes with the Thomas ones, if they're clean.


Lynn said...

great pictures I miss

Jon & Danielle said...

Jon and I love the second to last picture! We miss Charlie already he's such a cutie. Plus him and his sister are so well behaved!

Krizia Kirchhausen said...

love the pics!!! so cute!