Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burns Cousin Ostrich Farm FUN!

Over the kids spring break, Mindy and I took everyone on a little adventure up to the Ostrich Farm at Picacho Peak.  In addition to Ostrich's, they had goats and such that we could hand feed.
Here is a cute picture of Charlie getting into feeding the goats!

This was the "Hole in the wall gang."  They literally just poked their heads through this wall to get fed! 
It was hilarious!  Jill even joined in the fun.
The Ostrich's bite - which unfortunately one of the bubs (Wyatt I think) learned the hard way. So, you have to quickly toss your food into those pans (which are nailed down) before they peck at you! 
It was kind of intense there for a minute, but the kids really liked it.

Cousin shot!
At the very end, we got to feed the Lorikeets. 
You had to hold out this little tiny cup of nectar and then all of the birds would flock to you! 
It was overwhelming at first, but it was really neat to see those colorful birds up close.
Here's the cute girl cousins!  Only 8 years apart - what a size difference! 
After the farm, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. 
Mindy and I both had so much fun and I can't wait for our next cousin adventure!

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