Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...9 days late but worth the wait

Here's the stats. Bennett Linn Johansen was born at 6:21 AM on May 15, 2012 (and yes, that is the masculine spelling of Linn). He was 9 lbs 8.5 oz and 20 inches long, so he was definitely a big kid. It's hard to tell from the pictures because of the hat, but he has dark hair and quite a bit of it for one of me and Jenni's kids (don't tell Jill but he might have as much hair as she does). It also looks like he has darker colored eyes, but we'll have to wait and see what happens with the hair and eye color.
Now here's the story. The nurse came in a little after 6:00 AM and had Jenni push once or twice and then asked her to stop because she was afraid that the little guy (and I use that term loosely) would pop out before the doctor got here. The doctor came in a few minutes later, got everything ready, and then about 3 pushes later, baby Ben was here. The cord had been wrapped around his neck and he was a little blue, so they took him straight to warming bed to get him stimulated and make sure everything was ok. Everything checked out and he's been doing great ever since. He's nursed and both Mom and baby are taking a nap, so it looks like all is well.
We're glad to have the newest addition to our family and look forward to getting to know the little guy in the days and years to come. Right now my first guess is that he's going to look more like a Johansen than a Burns, but we'll have to wait a bit until the puffiness goes away to know for sure. Either way, we'll love the little guy lots and look forward to all the great experiences that he'll add to our family and home.


Julie said...

So happy for you. He looks as sweet as can be.

PatrickandErica said...

Just showed him off to the Joy School Boys - Congrats and good luck!!

Ashlee Wigham said...

Congrats! So cute! xo Ashlee

Krizia Katuzi said...

so cute!!! congrats!!

Allen Fam said...

You look like Reese Whitherspoon in your hospital photo. Not bad! Congrats!