Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bennett's Hospital Visitors

Bennett was lucky to have some special visitors come meet him the day he was born.  Mindy brought Charlie, Jill, and Cora to the hospital that evening.  Jill was wearing a new "Big Sister!" shirt and was SO EXCITED to meet baby Ben.  She is definitely his biggest fan so far.  We have some super cute videos that explain just how excited she was - but I'll have to leave it to Dave to upload those.  She kept saying "hi baby" over and again.  She insisted on holding him the whole time and even pushed Charlie's face away when she thought he would take him from her - yelling "no, mine baby."   She wants to be very hands on.  After they left, I was sure I'd never leave the hospital.  I was so afraid to go home to these crazies!
Here's Aunt Mindy and Ben all cuddled up!!  She brought a big basket full of wonderful new baby gifts!  If you look in our family picture, you can see it sitting on the chair in the background.  So many wonderful treasures in there - especially cute were the matching ties for Charlie and Ben to wear to church.  Brian came to visit earlier that morning but I guess I didn't get a picture on my camera - I think it's on his phone.  When he sends it to me, I'll add it to this post.  He brought Ben a big blue teddy bear and balloon.  And some candy for me for a pushing job well done.  :)
Cora was so gentle and good with baby Ben!  She is so grown up.  We thought he'd be born on her birthday, May 8th - but I guess Ben had other plans.
A picture of the 2 brothers!  Charlie is pretty good with Ben!  He always says "Ben is so lovey!" sounds more like "lubby." He also told us that Bennett's umbilical cord nub looks like a piece of bacon.  ?? I dunno, but it made us laugh. Other than the occasional nose honk, Bennett doesn't seem to mind being held by his siblings.  I swear I say "don't honk his nose" 26 times a day.

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Mindy Burns said...

Such a SWEET SWEET baby!!!! Can't wait to snuggle him again....Cora looks adorable holding him, so does Charlie- um, I look like I'm pregnant myself! Geez! That dress def isn't showing off the stinkin 17 pounds I've lost! Will not wear again! :) Glad to be an aunt again!