Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Ben

Ben is my favorite.  My favorite baby boy.  He is so easy!  Sometimes I almost forget about him!!  I wish he slept for longer stretches at night, but he is generally a very happy little guy.  Sometimes I can't feed him the second he starts whimpering because a million other things seem to be pulling me in every direction, but he is so patient!  It impresses me how long I can hold him off sometimes.  I mean he is obviously a well fed dude - so perhaps he just relies on his "reserves" doing those moments.  He definitely looks different than the other 2 - he broke the mold!
 Here he is pool side - this was on July 10th - so just shy of 2 months.
 The Lewis fam gave us this cute little shirt for church and unfortunately he only got to wear it once!  He looked super handsome though - this is a crappy picture from my phone.  He was exactly 2 months old here.
Ben loves to stand.  If he is being held, he generally prefers to stand on my legs - and has since about this age -7/8 weeks old . You can even see it here, he is trying to kind of stand in his bouncy seat.  Which is why we now pretty much only use the exer-saucer.
Here he is doing his thing!  We are borrowing this from the Lewis family and Ben LOVES it.  He'll hang out in here for up to 45 minutes.  He is starting to play with some of the toys on it too which is cute to see.
Every now and then during tummy time he gets really lucky and finds his thumb.

We love this chubba!


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