Saturday, September 8, 2012

Other Mid-summer happenings...

 Jill LOVES to swim and her and her Dad were performing some fun tricks at the pool!
 Jill is kind of naughty.  She does this a lot.
 Ben comes with us on our date nights.  He is always super good and easy to tend.  And cute.  :)
 I got everyone clean and dressed (on the same day) so we took a pic!  Not bad for 3 kids under 4?
 Charlie took swim lessons for 2 weeks with Melanie Nielson.  He is getting much more comfortable in the water.  He still doesn't love going under, but he tolerates it. 
 Jill went to the dentist for the first time!  I got a pacifier lecture from the dentist.  I'm too attached to it though to throw it out just yet.  Jill was a champ!  She LOVES LOVES LOVES to brush her teeth.  I mean toothpaste.  She loves toothpaste.
One morning when we opened Jill's door to let her out, she waltzed into the kitchen with both of her tutus on.  This confirms our belief that she doesn't sleep at night, she just plays and empties out her drawers.

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Julie said...

Those are really cute jammies. Even better with two tutus on.