Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Charlie's Preschool Class this year is composed of the following darling kids!
 But this one is my favorite:
 I am doing a co-op with other Moms, so I teach every six weeks.  All these kids are 4 and super adorable.  I really enjoy when it is my turn to teach. I miss teaching school sometimes, so this gives me an outlet to do that and also spend time with Charlie, so I think it's perfect for both me and him.  All of the Moms in our group are such wonderful women too.  Lots of thought and preparation are put into every lesson.  Charlie consistently brings home fun crafts he has made and tells me new little facts he has learned each day.  He is becoming such a smart kid and a good friend too!  And he and Elizabeth may or may not have a little thing going.  Let's just say they both like each other a lot and love sitting together and being partners for preschool projects.  It's pretty cute.

I should also mention that Charlie is going through a 'quack phase' as we call it around here.  We still aren't sure why, but whenever he gets silly and playful (which is quite often when you're 4) he quacks at everyone!!  We affectionately call him, Charlie the Duck.  I've been told that he has got his whole class to quack with him a few times and perhaps has sent his friend Tanner into a "quack phase" too.  We love our little quacker, Charlie! :)

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