Friday, December 7, 2012

Dave goes to Japan - Aunt Danielle visits!

Dave had to travel to Japan for work in September for 2 weeks.  I really don't like it when he has to travel - it throws me completely off routine and off schedule.  And Ben was only about 3 months old - so my schedule already sucked.  I was all geared up when he left though and had a great first afternoon with the kids.  We decorated for Halloween, and had some friends over for a play date.  I finished the laundry, and cleaned the house.  I was determined to not fall behind while he was gone.  Ben wasn't feeling well, but we were managing.  He seemed to get worse through the evening though and by the next morning he was wheezing so terribly and would hardly eat.  His breathing was very labored and had me super concerned.  Every time I would try to nurse him, he would only eat for a minute or two and then start into a major coughing attack - that went on an on.  So Sunday morning I decided it was bad enough and took him to the Pediatric ER. 

They admitted him Sunday morning and kept him over night until Monday.  What a perfect way to start off our 2 weeks without Dave!! :)  Thankfully I have some wonderful friends here to stepped up and watched Charlie and Jill for me.  Charlie was thrilled to spend 2 days at Payson's house and Jill was well taken care of by my neighbor Emma and my 2 Visiting Teachers - Christa Jensen and Kayla Lair.  I am so grateful for all of these women in my life.  They are some of my best friends.  It was difficult enough being alone with Ben in the hospital and worrying about him, so I was glad I didn't have to worry too much about my other two.  I did spend lots of time on the phone though while I was in the hospital!  Lots of friends and family calling to see how we were doing.   Mindy offered to fly out, which was so nice and I would have loved seeing her again!   I felt loved that my brothers were watching out for me too.   But, we got home the next day (Monday) and Danielle arrived.  So, all's well that ends well.  Dave may have gotten an earful from me though over the phone about how much I hate his job that first night I was in the hospital!! But, I was just floored that this all went down without him here.  I came to grips with myself the next morning and was grateful he had a good job with good insurance so I could actually take my baby to see good doctors when he needed it and not worry about how expensive it would be.  I was so pleased with the care they provided him.  All the nurses seemed to fall in love with him - they kept commenting on how chubby and smiley he was!  Anticipating Ben getting more sick before he left, Dave had given Ben a priesthood blessing before he departed - and that gave me a lot of comfort to know everything would be fine - and he would return to full health soon.  So, even though Dave wasn't physically there I still knew he had taken good care of us and I was grateful.

His little sister Danielle flew in a day sooner because of Ben going to the hospital.  She kept me company and also helped lots with the little people.  She was so fun to have along!! We visited the Children's museum, played games with the kids, and stayed up late chatting every night.  I loved it.  I don't have a sister - and so I'm always super grateful for memorable times with my Sister in Laws.  Danielle doesn't have a sister either - and so I think it's helped us have a special bond!  I think she's wonderful.

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