Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Final Halloween Post!!

 My plan was to be a Batman family - Ben would be the baby bat, Jill bat girl, Charlie batman, and me and Dave would wear batman shirts too.  BUT Dave wanted to be Robin.  So why not.  His shirt even had a cape, which certainly helped him to fly much better than he did without one.

Elmo made an appearance at our Trunk or Treat with his sidekick Abby Cadabby. 
Jill was SOOOOO excited she was shaking.  It was hilarious. 
Thank you Brother and Sister Harris!

 On the actual day of Halloween, Jill made a last minute costume change to be a chicken.  I got this costume for $1 at Old Navy 3 years ago and every year since I've tried to get one of the kids to wear it.  Jill was a good sport, and was one cute chick!!
 Our cute little baby bat!  The same costume Charlie wore for his first Halloween too. :)  
He helped me pass out candy and got lots of "oh, how cute" comments from trick or treaters.

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