Sunday, March 3, 2013

Final Utah Post! Discovery Gateway & Provo

So this is my LAST post of our Utah trip - it's only taken me an entire month to blog our 1 week vacation - not bad, right? Our last few days in Utah were fun - we spent a day at the Gateway in Salt Lake and took the kids to the Discovery Children's Museum.  It was SO SO cute.  My kids probably could have played there for many more hours.  We have a annual pass to our Children's Museum here in Tucson - but this one is definitely much nicer.  The water play area was a huge hit as well as the construction stuff.  It was fun for us and the kids to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa too.  We also got the chance to meet up with some friends of ours in Provo for dinner one night - Blake and Kara, and the Eldredges met us for some Wingers (YUM!!).  Being with friends brought back lots of fun BYU memories for us.

And now I can officially say that I am done posting about this vacation!!  Up next: our vacation to California to meet my twin nieces Paige and Brynn!! yay!! ;-)

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