Monday, April 1, 2013

Randoms from November 2012

In between our trip to Utah and our trip to California for Thanksgiving,  we captured a few other fun moments.  Ben started on solid foods in the high chair.  He is a champion eater (I mean obviously...).  He took to the spoon really well and sure loves his baby food. 

 November was VERY cold here (for Arizona).  We went outside to play and bundled Ben all up!  It was probably like 50 degrees.  Yes. 50 degrees.  I know....
 We walked by Brian and Mindy's house, which happens all the time since it's right down the street.  This particular day though Jill ran up to the door and knocked and looked in the windows - waiting for Aunt Mindy or Uncle Brian to open up.  Such a bummer.  ;(  It was so cute though that she knew this house was where they used to be.

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Mindy Burns said...

So sad that she is looking for us!!!!