Saturday, May 26, 2007


It is totally framed!!! Once again, I am standing on the porch. Dave and I will be out of town over the next week, so I will be out of commission. Rest easy, less boring house pics for you to look at. Progress is being made so fast! I can hardly believe it. September is just around the corner. Also, last day of school was yesterday! I am a FREE woman! woot woot.


Erik, Annelise, and Samuel said...

yay! this is the fun part when you can see how fast it is all coming together. i totally thought you took mcom 320. didnt you give me a book for it? or was that something else??

Emily Blais said...

holy cow, I cant believe it! It actually looks like a house now, not just sticks in dirt :) This is where it gets fun! Keep up the updates. call me about monday. I know where we need to do for breakfast.

Erik, Annelise, and Samuel said...

breakfast?! can i come too?!?!