Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Up Up Up!

They say it will be done in September. WHOA!!! Much sooner than we thought (we were thinking Christmas). But I am way excited.


Emily Blais said...

WOW! It really is coming along so fast, I cant believe it. September will be here before you even know it!!! I am so dang impressed! Keep me updated. Oh yeah, for my class, I have to do an interview with a special ed teacher, so I am thinking I am going to have to call you sometime this weekend and have a little one on one about your job that is not really your job anymore. :) YAY for summer 2005! NO JOBS NO NOTHIN! Lets do it again!!

Dave Johansen said...

Ya, this is going to hit us faster than we think, but it's definitely exciting.

Erik, Annelise, and Samuel said...

jenni! im once again visiting the idea of actually finishing school. ive been looking at independent study, specifically the mcom 320 class. so, is there not a big final paper for it? it looks like its just lessons, a midterm, and final. anyway, i knew you were the lady to talk to, so ill take any help i can get!