Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Template

So this is actually Dave making this post. Jenni is out of town so I find myself with some "extra time" (code words for me staying up late because I can't fall asleep very well when Jenni's out of town) and I decided to change Jenni's template too. I was able to fix the problem with the template and I tried to pick out a more "femine" looking template, but I'll let Jenni make the final decision if she wants to keep it or not.


beans said...

that's sweet that you have a hard time sleeping without jenni...probably not so "sweet" to you when you're losing sleep, though.

Dave Johansen said...

Fortunately, it usually only lasts about a night or two, because then I'm so tired that I fall asleep without too much problem.

Emily Blais said...

new post have a lot going on...there has got to be something you can say to whip up a good new post. Come on already!