Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cabinets and Countertops

Galaxy black granite and Maple with antique stain. Black sink! No appliances yet, obviously. The tile is also in. It is kind of hard to see, though in this pic.


Christina said...

That is so exciting! I like your countertops...your hair is cute too. :)

Emily Blais said...

cute hair. I miss you. CRAPY night TRYING to make friends. NONE as good as you. SUCKS! I need to vent BAD. Call me if you are still up and you get this tonight, or I will call you tomorrow. BYE!

OH YEAH, I LOVE the cabinets. Holy cow, I cant believe how good everything is starting to look! I am so excited for you guys. I cant wait to come see it!!!!!!!!

Annelise said...

whats cuter, the kitchen, or the lady sitting on the counters?! looking good jenni, you AND the house :)