Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself" - Leo Tolstoy

This is us already trying to get a Christmas Card picture. I think this is the first picture taken where my eyes look less open than Dave's. I think we will keep trying for a better one.

I just didn't have much else to blog about this week. We went to the Temple on Friday and then hung out with Casey and Emily. We had so much fun, but no picture to prove it so it's almost like it never happened.... Its funny how having a blog makes me think that way. jk We had a great time, thanks to Casey and Emily for introducing us to the Scottsdale Trolley; it was surely the highlight of the night. lol

Baby Update: I am 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Things are going well. Still no puke but I do get quite nauseous at times. Just last week I bought a watermelon air freshner and had to pull over to throw it out because I was feeling so sick over it. But it was so bad that I think pregnant or not it would have done the same thing.

I am looking forward to going to Utah next week for "CLUB" reunion. A few days with the Club is way overdue~!!

I hope everyone likes the title of my post....I just came across this quote last week and I thought it was a good one.


Cari said...

Get all the temple time in that you possibly can now, cause once the baby comes it's another story. We went to the temple last night and with dinner and babysitting, it set us back $80...but going to the temple is definately priceless =) All I'm saying is go now while it's easier. Oh, and yes I love the quote.

Annelise said...

i just super duper love your hair! definitely counting down the days til the reconvening of the cLuB!!!