Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beginning of the end of the NFL?

So everyone probably knows that today is the day of The Big Game, but one thing that a lot of people may not be aware of or may have forgotten is that the Patriots were caught cheating earlier this season and some more serious allegations have started to come out. Rather than me go into all of the details and such, I'll just refer you to a GREAT article that sums it all up rather nicely.

Obviously, I don't know what really happened, but I do know that the current story the NFL is telling just doesn't make any sense at all. The BIG problem is that sports are a complete luxury and luxuries are judged solely on quality. The true enjoyment of watching a sporting event comes from the competition and hard fought struggle between two evenly matched forces, but if one of those teams is cheating or the outcome is predetermined, then that magic is gone. Basically, I just hope that the "truth" (or something that's at least slightly believable) finally comes out of all of this so we can all go back to enjoying our football games.


Emily Blais said...

are you trying to say that I am just following the masses? Well, I am pretty much up to date on his policies. I know he is not perfect, and of course I dont agree with everything he says, but he is the best of the bunch for sure. I wont bore you with policies that you already know, but you want me to name one... well, since I am teaching, his policy on education is this... He supports the NLCB, but he plans to improve the plan by offering flexibility to the states where students test scores are higher. He is also going to give a tax credit to parents who home school their children. He is also going to focus more on the individual student rather than school performance as a whole. I could keep going, but I am going to go to bed. If you vote for Ron Paul, you may as well not even vote. What a waste of a vote, plus did you see him debate the other night? He is a crazy idiot. Come on Dave! Go Mitt!

Dave Johansen said...

I was mostly just trying to piss you off, but don't worry I just looked it up and Arizona is a winner take all state, so I'm gonna vote for Mitt.

Also, Ron Paul is a little too nuts to be a viable candidate, but he was the only one that actually knew what he was talking about in the debate. I almost wanted to vote for the guy just for him pointing out how stupid McCain and Romney looked when they were arguing about who agreed in a point more or whose saying from a year ago could be twisted/distorted less. But sadly, politics is usually little more than that.