Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tag! Now I'm it!

10 Years Ago: I was 13 and dying to be 14 to be able to go to Stake Dances. It was a big deal for me.
On My To-Do List: Get completely better! Finish reading all of the books about being ready for a baby. Decorate the nursery.
5 Places that I've Lived: Torrance, CA, Provo, UT, Tucson, AZ (that's it!)
5 Jobs I Have Had: Special Ed Teacher, Domino's Pizza, Lifeguard, Gap (for a day!), BYU Creamery Baker (I made the delicious BYU brownies)
What I Would Do if I became a Billionaire: Go on vacations, buy new cars, furniture, donate....that is so much money!! I would probably think of more things.
Bad habits: Picking my teeth with anything I can a piece of paper folded up. I really need to stop, but I just get so desperate sometimes. I try to carry floss with me now.
Things I enjoy: massages, chocolate ice cream, American Idol, and bargain shopping. I LOVE getting a good deal.
Things people don't know about me: I am a certified Scuba Diver, Dave and I have the same middle name (Lynn/Linn), I really don't enjoy reading unless it is something I am REALLY interested in, it irritates me when people mess up their/there/they're, and (as of late) coughing and sneezing have given me a brand new reason to do my Kegels! lol
Tagged: Erica and Christina


Dave Johansen said...

I don't know if we need to advertise the whole same middle name thing.

scpcrath said...

I didn't know you liked chocolate ice cream...I LOVE chocolate ice cream.

Kristy Burns said...

Oh Dave, come on...its cute! Just like me and Kenny having the same initials--KJB. You should probably give each of your children the middle name Linn or Lynn to keep with the tradition! Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

As a future dentist, I chide you, Jenni.

Dave Johansen said...

What does "chide" mean?

Christina said...

Thanks alot, Jenni...but at least I have something to post now. I pick my teeth with papers too--don't tell Bryce. :)

beans said...

i love that you mentioned kegels. keep them up girl.
when are you due again?