Monday, April 28, 2008

Another (not so) Lonely Day

Man, I really need to find my Ben Harper CDs, but anyway...

I'm sure that it will start to be a lot harder to take so many pictures and such since I'm going to start going back to work tomorrow, but it's been a REALLY exciting and fun week for both Jenni and I. Luckily, my boss is VERY understanding about the whole situation, so I'll just be working part time for the next week or so, but I'm sure that the whole Charlie experience will only get better has the little guy gets bigger and bigger.

Well, onto the fun part (at least for a picture/video junkie like me). Yesterday, Jenni decided to dress Charlie up in the little baseball outfit that we got from my Mom (it's one of her favorite and despite the fact that I don't really like baseball, I have to admit that it's a pretty cute outfit). Unfortunately, he got a little fussy/tired before we were able to get a really good picture, but it was still a fun experience (that wore out all parties involved).

We then decided to venture out into the world for the first time. It was actually a little better/easier than we expected. I don't know why we thought it would be hard, scary, or bad, but I guess it was just the newness of it all. We stopped by Brian and Mindy's and really enjoyed getting out of our self imposed quarantine for a little while.

About once a day (and usually at like 3 or 4 in the morning), Charlie decides to wake up, relax, and just look at the all the "amazing" things around him. It's the moment that makes how ridiculously tired I feel worth it. Even though I've experienced it, I still don't understand how people function when they're so sleep deprived, but I guess some extra hormone or something must kick in when there's a newborn involved.

If you're interested, here's the link to all of the pictures on the Picasa Web Album or on Facebook, and here's one more little video of me messing with him during his play time.

NOTE: None of the sleeping pictures were framed, planned, or posed for. They were all 100% legitimate "pass outs" (what I have started to call the level where sleep deprivation finally reaches a threshold that the parent passes out and just sleeps), but I guess that those ones just end up making good pictures.


Bryce said...

What an exciting time for you two!

Melissa ( Twin # 1 ) said...

You guys look like New Parents, crashing with the baby were ever he seems to sleep !!!! Just wait for the 2nd one, than it get's even more crazier !!!!

Charlie is so perfect !!!! ADORABLE !!!! watch out ladies Charlies in the world now !!!!

Hopefully we will come an visit you guys soon !!!! We are excited to see your new house and now New Baby !!!! Miss you guys

The Jenkins

Christina said...

I love all the pictures! You'll get used to the no sleep phenomenon.